Weekly Summary 4

This week we focused on Video Editing / “Reading” Movies. I learned a lot from Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”. The main points that I got out of it is his technique in pausing and analyzing movies and some of the themes we see in movies. Such as the light vs. dark theme, or high vs low ground theme, left vs right, all of these can have an affect at how the audience perceives the movie. Left side could automatically mean villain in some circumstances.

I spent a lot of time working with Windows Movie Maker this week. I have never used Windows Movie Maker before, but I do have some experience using other video editing software. With Windows Movie Maker I couldn’t figure out how to pan/crop but I did figure out how to cut the overall size of the clip / audio. This helped a lot when it came to cutting down the length of the Celine Dion song.

A lot of the feedback I received this week was, the other students liked what I did with the videos. Some of them had critiqued the lack of amount of transitions I had in the video which was helpful for me to realize that you actually can get more transitions, I thought you could only pick one transition as an overall theme through Windows Movie Maker.











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