Weekly Summary 2

I feel that I successfully completed all of the assignments this week. The hardest part was getting used to using GIMP and applying it to the “Are We There Yet” assignment. The daily creates were easy to complete and fun to do. My favorite part was doing the GIF assignments, with the tutorial on how to do GIFs, it made this assignment so much less complicated than it was going to be. Now that I’ve completed the assignments, one thing I’ll do differently next time is not try to cut out with scissors on GIMP, it took an unnecessary amount of time to figure out the tool, while I was actually able to use another tool much easier. I didn’t have many issues surrounding my work, a simple misunderstanding of how to use the technology played the biggest role but I adapted quickly to understanding how to use it.

Here are my assignments for the week:

Vignelli Canon : http://ds106jake.jakobwaterman.org/blog/thoughtsideas/the-vignelli-canon/

Design Blitz: http://ds106jake.jakobwaterman.org/blog/assignments/design-blitz/


Are we there yet? http://ds106jake.jakobwaterman.org/blog/assignments/are-we-there-yet-happily-strolling-in-a-dark-setting/

One Story / Four Icons http://ds106jake.jakobwaterman.org/blog/assignments/one-story-four-icons/

Game of Thrones House http://ds106jake.jakobwaterman.org/blog/assignments/house-darkstar/

Civil War Photo http://ds106jake.jakobwaterman.org/blog/uncategorized/civil-war-photo/

Sports Poster http://ds106jake.jakobwaterman.org/blog/assignments/sports-poster/



Odell GIF: (You have to press on the picture to see it) http://ds106jake.jakobwaterman.org/blog/assignments/odell-gif/


Opposite Meanings GIF: http://ds106jake.jakobwaterman.org/blog/assignments/do-not-enter-enter/


Daily Creates:


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