Week 3 Summary


Summary: Ira Glass explains the importance of anecdotes and endings by providing suspense through a descriptive step-by-step process. Jad Abumrad explains the empathy involved in audio storytelling, to create a story you must have a reader(or audio voice) and listener to complete it. The listener imagines what the reader describes to them.


Moon graffiti is an audio recording with surprising quality that explains an alternate ending of the space mission to the moon. The astronauts crash this time and are unable to return so they set their footprints and other graffiti into the moon so that they will be remembered for “millions” of years. The story was very interesting due to it’s descriptive detail and suspenseful music and background noise.


Mix of XO-Loc Mashup


I created two audio match-ups, making audio was an extremely frustrating task for me. The editing was easy to comprehend but after spending a few hours on a project, I’d upload it to Soundcloud only to realize it was still copyrighted material. I took precautions beforehand, but it seemed no matter how much I edited the amount of sound they heard, I had to change the song completely. So, I had to change the beat and vocals in the song for it not to be copyrighted, which to me I felt ruined the final product because it sounded better with the original vocal sounds. I did enjoy using the Audacity program, it is easy to figure out how the sounds are made. I liked making the story with sounds (Sound Effects Story) much more than I enjoyed the Xo-Loc and Imagine Dragons mash ups because I felt I couldn’t improve upon the already great music.


Daily Creates:

For my invoice I made it by putting an invoice image over a google slide. I watched game of thrones tonight so I made it GoT theme. The “Sold to” was my favorite part of the invoice, Daenerys has such a long name. I had her pay me for the unsullied, the dragons, and the fleet she has. Which is all of her assets except for the city of Mereen.

The annotation was interesting because I’ve actually taken arabic. Most of the alphabet in there was hard to understand but I made out the numbers and some of the alphabet. For instance, the number I circled was a 3, I pretended that 3 was the wrong answer for the assignment. Also I believe one of the letters was “La” which is a negation in Arabic so I pretended they did the wrong negations.


I don’t feel super well about the assignments I completed this week. The audio editing is very difficult, I have never used an audio editing program before so even finding the music was difficult. Once I had my music or sound effects, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. I just kind of explored the program a bit and came up with random music edits that could be uploaded. The main things I learned this week were how to use Audacity and the significance of audio storytelling, which still has an impact on the world even though some believe it to be dead. Audacity is an interesting audio editing program and I do look forward to using it again but it does provide a challenge to make quality edits. It was challenging to complete my assignments in a timely fashion this week because my birthday was on July 14th and we had visited New York this week as well. One of the largest issues that surrounded my work was the copyright issues. Soundcloud does make it difficult to find a way around this, I had even put it was for school in my description but I believe they have a program to automatically detect copyrighted material.


I did receive a few comments on my posts, they mostly were questions about how I felt about the projects. I answered them the best I could but I did not learn anything from answering what I already knew.

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