Photo Safari


In under 15 minutes I tried to capture as many photos as I could. I had to research what a converging photo was, I originally had the pitch fork as my converging photo but I saw in the examples that it was more about the distance from the photo and how it has an end point all together, so I attempted to take a picture of my street in the same way. Two objects that do not belong together, keys and wine, represent how drinking and driving do not belong together. I took a picture of a stick, an art piece in the house, to represent my abstract photo. From below our walking stick stand I took a picture of many of my walking sticks, with one in particular in the front focus. The last piece that isn’t self explanatory was the picture of a dwarf, a stone, and flowers to represent a picture of joy.

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  1. I hope these steps were helpful, and all the best .
    to you in almost any future projects. As for the glam 70s, well,
    they were not so frothy and brimming with frills
    as people might think. When you select that option, the image would have been already set as the wallpaper of one’s computer screen.

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