My Story – Captain America and Last Weekly Summary

I am creating a fictional story for Captain America, my favorite super hero. In the story, the Captain America Civil War has just happened and Captain America is alone. He’s riding his motorcycle down a country road:


When suddenly he crashes into a truck thrown at him and a huge monster, black with a large tongue and a spider on his chest comes out from the carnage to fight Captain America. 


They exchange blows, the monster is beating captain america horribly. The monster, with it’s super strength breaks captain America’s shield. Spider-man comes to his rescue, recognizing the monster as one of his mortal enemies, Venom. Venom was once human, and was bitten by an enhanced version of the spider that bit Spider-man to give him his powers.

Spider-man tries his best to beat the monster but does not have enough strength to beat him… Eventually Spider-man gets squashed like a spider and nearly dies. Captain America, with his healing regenerating abilities is back to full strength again. Thinking that Spider-man is dead, he attacks Venom.

Captain America holds out against Venom, but he isn’t strong enough to defeat him. Finally, Captain America is beaten down by Venom. Venom prepares to finish him off when Spider-Man throws part of Captain America’s broken shield and slices off Venom’s head. Killing him instantly. Spider-Man is taken to the hospital and Captain America rides away in his motorcycle dramatically.

The end.


Weekly Summary:

This is my last summary post for this class. In this class, I learned how to use Audacity, Gimp, and Windows Movie Maker. I also learned more about videos, moving, audio, and picture editing. Overall, I think everything we learned in this class can be usefully applied to Digital media storytelling. If I were to do something differently in this class, I would of spent more time trying to understand how the assignments are suppose to be done exactly. I felt that even when I followed what the assignments were exactly, it was still expected that I add some extra media to it. Also, I would start doing the assignments earlier in the week (if I got chance) so that any mistakes I made could be fixed and I could get more commentary on my assignments. The most exciting part of the project was essentially creating my own comic book story. I’ve always thought about making my own comics with my own super heroes. I’m in Boston right now so I didn’t have enough time to create a completely new hero, so instead I used my favorite one to fight against one of my favorite villians.


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