Look, Listen, Analyze

I chose to do “The Joker Pencil Trick & Mob Scene” for my Look, Listen, Analyze assignment.


Analyze the Camera Work:

Everyone started around at once, to the right, as Joker walks in slowly. The camera shows the entire table staring up at the joker. The camera switches between the three mob bosses and the Joker, to show their importance, with the mobsters men behind them to show they have power and men. As the Joker is speaking, it zooms in slowly on their faces as they listen intently. The whole scene is shadowy and dark, possibly to show that all of them are in a bad place/area and to give off the Joker’s dark presence. The joker says something after the man on the TV goes away, everyone looks kind of relieved like they’ve just wrapped up their meeting. One of the mob bosses has been staring the Joker down the whole time, he finally gets fed up and stands up to attack the Joker. It’s clearly showing his anger as it zooms up on his face. Finally, Joker backs out through the doors as the camera gets further away from him.


Analyze the Audio track: 

The joker walks in slowly laughing. He gets threatened and then I heard a slam, I think the pencil went through his head. There is obviously a Russian man since he has a strong Russian accent. One of them makes a funny comment about Joker being a freak and there is laughing in the background. When Joker talks, there is usually quiet background noise and easy to hear. When it gets to an intense moment with the mobster getting angry, there is a fast paced beat in the background, almost like a thinking noise as the situation is escalated quite a bit.


Put it all together:

Putting it together helped me tie in how all the characters act. The mobster that gets angry intervenes a lot in the conversation and it was easier to tell he doesn’t like the Joker or the Joker’s idea. The Russian mob boss and the other mob boss seem a bit more laid back and what to hear the Joker’s proposition. I also had not picked up on the Joker calling out the Asian man on the television until I put audio and video together. Putting it together also made the part where the Joker replies to being called crazy “I’m not. No .. I’m .. Not”, was some pretty awesome acting that I only noticed when putting everything together. I kind of saw Ebert’s ideas of the left/right character placement, for the most part the Joker was always on the left side and the mobsters on the right, I suppose that would make the Joker the more evil part? Since they were all evil there wasn’t any “dark” vs “light” contrasts and all of them were on even ground, so no one was above the other since they were all sitting down.



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