Listening to Stories: Moon Graffiti

One of the initial things I noticed about the audio recording “Moon Graffiti” is that there are a lot of radio frequency sounds, an alarm signal, and the voices of the astronauts landing. After the astronauts had died, the audio creators used a deep voice (with no background sound) so that we focused on what he had said. It was deep and saddening. Jonathan Mitchel, the storyteller, introduces himself and then begins with some mysterious but creative background music to create a mysterious theme for the listeners. The quality of the audio in the story is amazing, I have it up on a 68 out of 100 volume on my computer, it sounds incredibly clear. The suspenseful music was great when they were checking out the crash and taking pictures of it. The description of kicking the dust was awesome to hear about, I felt like I could see everything they were describing. They used the step-by-step explaining that created suspense, as Ira Glass had explained in his first video. Even hearing the sound of their breathing makes it seem more suspenseful than it actually is. This story also really made me want to one day graffiti the moon one day.

This story does a great job at creating suspense through dramatic slow music, clear quality of the voices, and doing the step-by-step storytelling that makes you wonder what happens next. The plot also helped the story, it is interesting to hear the final hours of the two most famous astronauts in the United States, in an alternate reality failing the mission that is controversially known as a success.


This work really made me want to create better audio stories on Audacity. The quality was very surprising and I do think it makes a big impact on how good the project is. I’m not sure how to increase my audio quality though, do you render it like a video? I’m probably going to search in audio editing forums later tonight to find out how to create extremely high quality sounds. I heard every breath they made, which made a huge impact on how I felt, it felt as if I was there with them. Overall, I think the higher the quality, the more realistic the story becomes.


  1. Were you surprised by the quality of the audio? Did it make you wonder what they did to make their audio sound so good? If you had any suggestions for the person would created the “Moon Graffiti”? What influence did this have on your work?

    1. It did make me wonder how they made the audio sound so good. I do not have any experience in creating quality audio sounds so I don’t have the slightest clue about how they did it. This hasn’t directly influenced any of my work yet, but eventually I want to make my audio rendered into great quality.

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