First Weekly Summary

  1. Before starting this class, I had already created a website on for being a Peer Mentor in the Fall. I am an orientation leader, and we finished up with orientation just this week so I had a late start on beginning my assignments for this class. I created a subdomain from my main page. 
  3. I haven’t fully completed customizing my blog but I started out by making a profile picture. I chose a funny one, a friend of mine had created a drawing of me and added my name next to it. I also created multiple pages and will eventually create a link tied to my instagram account, add a background image, and customize the coloring.



10. So far I greatly enjoy visual storytelling. It does require a bit of time and the first week has been tough as I transition from being an Orientation Leader to adjusting to new jobs, being at home, and managing my online classes. It was difficult to find what I was suppose to do for all of my assignments throughout the week but I am adjusting to the way the class is set up.

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