Experts describe their craft: Storytelling

The first video I watched was Ira Glass’ Series on storytelling. He talked about the creating the story using an anecdote to make it a step-by-step process that captures the listener. By putting it as a step-by-step, suspense is built up. What is interesting about this piece is he highlights the importance of creating build-up and also finishing the story. Creating a powerful ending but also tying everything together well from the beginning to the end. Ira Glass’ next part was about finding decent stories. I am surprised how hard it is to find quality stories, but the reasons he lists make sense why it would ruin a potential story. It seems you have to force a story to be good, and most don’t have potential to be made into good pieces.

The next video, by Jad Abumrad, was a bit more interesting to me. He talked about how radio crates empathy, unlike watching a story, the information the storytelling is giving you is not hand fed. The story is completed by the listener and the reader, it takes both of them to complete it because the reader is the visualizer. I have always thought radio to be dead, I watch a lot of TV and game often, but I don’t believe I’ve ever listened to an audio story for my own entertainment and the only time I “use the radio” is to listen to music in the car. Even then, it is almost always replaced by my aux cord’s music. When we had listening to audio stories in class when I was younger, my overly creative mind did enjoy them. I am curious if I still will enjoy them, I’m sure ill find out in Part III.


  1. I agree with you that Jad Abumrad’s discussion was more compelling, I am a huge fan of his show RadioLab so it was very interesting to hear about how he believes radio is impacting the world. Did you enjoy listening to stories in part 3?

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