Shadow of a Doubt

I chose to do the assignment Shadow of a Doubt as my topic for my first writing assignment. I chose this topic as my first assignment because the concept of a shadow is pretty simple and easy, a shadow is created by blocking light. But, shadows have a lot of meaning to them, society has built them up to mean a lot more than simply the blocking of light. Outside or even inside (if there are windows) the shadows change by the time of day. I chose to do a shadow that is inside in a room without light because the direction from where the light is coming from stays in that same place no matter what time of day.

What you see in this picture, is the shadow of a laptop. In this room, where there are no windows, I only know what time of day it is when I look at the time on my laptop. But when I play video games, I do not have a clue what time it is. I discovered earlier today that in this setting I can play a video game for hours and not notice how much time has passed. For what I thought was only an hour turned out to be more than three hours of gaming! And so I wonder, how much time would I lose if I didn’t have external factors to wake me up from my technology coma?


I took this picture using my IPhone 6.

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