Imagine Dragons Mash Up

I did a mash up using  Audacity to create a mash of Imagine Dragons РRedioactive and Arctic Monkeys РDo I Wanna Know? for my #3 Assignment for Audio Media.

I took the two songs and imported them into the Audacity file and tore the original songs apart into different split pieces so that I could switch from the songs back and forth. So there wasn’t any bad overlap, I also faded the music in and out when they were transitioning songs. And in order to not get copyrighted, I switched the pitch to a slightly higher tone and switched the beat to being slightly faster. It was pretty easy to do so.

Both of these songs come from the same type of Indie genre. They’re both pretty good bands that were both especially popular between 2010-2015, I hope both of them continue to produce more new music. The Indie Rock genre has expanded a lot in recent years, prior to it rock “had died” as the alternative rock phase panned out.

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