How to read a movie

I read through Roger Ebert’s article on “How to Read a Movie”, his techniques on how to do it do seem practical and basic. His methods are a bit slow and seems to require an audience, to get a strong grasp of all the details in the movie you are researching. His methods require you to watch a film like a coach reviews plays from a game, you pause at certain points and review what is going on on the screen. You are pretty much pausing and taking a step back to take everything in as you are watching the movie. This seems like a time sucking activity though, he said he’d do it on weeknights for two hours each night. I wonder how many hours were spent on reviewing these movies? I’m sure with the new technology and better access to the directors of these movies, we don’t need to go through this long process when we can take a much faster look at the movie and get the information we want from outside sources. These “light” and “dark”, “left” vs “right” themes can be easily found through reviews from critics and we could simply fast forward and search for images with these themes. Overall, Ebert’s techniques are slow but can be useful and fun to use.

One-Point Perspective

I found it funny how they played the song “Requiem of a Dream”, I’ve heard it before in somewhat intense anime music videos. The one-point perspective is captivating, you feel as though you’re in the movie. I’m not sure what movies they used, it looked like a military movie from vietnam era, another war movie from the world wars, a horror movie with the twin girls, possibly the shining was in it. And many other movies from different eras. The only movie I know the title of is Clockwork Orange. They had a cool overlay edit on top of the movie scenes at time to bring up the intensity of the video.


The Shining – Zooms

Wow that was a lot of… zooming. I think it might of been a bit overdone, like you knew the que of what was happening from the zooms. At all the intense moments, it zooms up quickly. The rest of them zoomed out, so we saw what surrounded the characters. I saw in the comments the creator of this video used “Final Cut Pro”, which isn’t a super advanced video editing program, used by Apple I believe. I’m glad they didn’t cut out the audio from the movie with music, it made the video more intense with the movie’s audio.

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